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Welcome to!

This site is still in the set-up stage and will be expanding over the next few months. Feel free to offer suggestions on how we can make this site into a valuable resource for those involved in CSB Ministries at every level.

About is an unofficial site for leaders involved in the various programs from CSB ministries, Inc.

This site is available for your use for free and does not solicite any donations for it's operation. Your information will not be shared, sold, or used for any other purpose other than this forum and CSB ministries.

Many of the features available here are restricted to members of the site and do require you register.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, contact me here.

Pass the word to other Brigade Leaders about this site, insert a link on your group or church homepage, log in, visit often, and assist others in building their ministry. This site will be successful if people make use of it. Features:

    * Forum Exchange ideas, information, & assist others in their ministry.
    * Downloads of craft plans, information PDF's, Forms and in a seperate area, training materials.
    * Reviews (create reviews of movies and TV shows so we are all informed).
    * Chat (chat online with others involved in Brigade. Chat room available 24/7.
    * World News Feed (bottom right of the forum) Includes a live feed of various Christian News & FOX News.
    * Gallery (upload, manage, rate and comment images with categories) Not yet active.
    * Other features coming soon!

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