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Finding Older "Recent" Forum Postings



I've developed the habit of looking at the Recent Posts section in the - Info Center in order to see what's new in the Forum. The problem is every now and then we get a pile of activity on one item and the other "recent" posts get eliminated from the list. "Bob" has added a bunch of very interesting posts ( 8 ) and they should generate several replies, but by the time I get around to replying to even one or two of them, the oldest one may be popped off of the queue.

Is there any better way of seeing what's new and what I may want to reply to?

My specific problem is that I want to reply to an item about the Vanguard Battalion, but I haven't a clue where to find it. I'll find it, no doubt, but by creating this post (and any replies), I'm adding to the problem of popping items off the queue. Can the queue be lengthened?

Thanks for your help.



There are a couple ways to find old posts.

One is to simply search for the term if you know what a post was about. The search window is at the top left right of the forum.

To see old/previous posts in sequential order you have two options

The "Recent Posts" section at the  bottom of the forum will display the last 10 posts  that you can see and access.

A way to find more than 10 is to  scroll towards the bottom of the forum to where it says "Forum Stats", in that window there is a link for "View the most recent posts on the forum."  Click on that link and you can scroll through the last 100 posts made to the forum. in sequential order.


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