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CSB Ministries is not responsible for any comments, posts, content, finances or any portion of the site.

If there is content that is copyrighted and you are the registered owner contact Jim to have to removed.

If there is content that you are concerned or have questions about, contact Jim.

Why can't I....? How do I....? Where is...?
See the Help Section

What is is a tool to offer support, tools and assistance to those involved in teh traditional Christian Service Brigade portion of CSB Ministries, Inc. A forum, downloads, files, etc., are all available on this site to assist men in their ministry. CSB Ministries has no official involvement in this website.

This is the way many leaders will be accessing information to assist in the running of their local CSB ministry. This will only increase in the future. A site like this can be used to disseminate information, share ideas, seek assistance and expose people to CSB that we would not reach otherwise. The Internet will be the way leaders today choose to seek and receive information as it is 1. Immediate, 2. Convenient, & 3. Not limited to geographical location/staff availability. It can be a valuable tool should people and Brigade leaders choose to make use of it. offers training materials from CSB ministries as well as those developed by local leaders, craft plans, game ideas, "How to's" and any other items.

Is this the "Official" CSB Ministries website?
No. The official CSB Ministries website is located here. This site though used by many CSB Ministries, Inc. staff members is operated independently of CSB Ministries, Inc.

Is there a fee to join?
No. is free to join and use and does not seek donations. Since the site began in 11/06 the costs, operation and maintenance of the site are done as part of the ministry of CSB Unit #2047.

Can I use the files that I download for use in my CSB Unit?
Yes. All the information is copyrighted with all rights reserved by their respective creators. Do not redistribute without prior written permission.

Can I upload files I have created that others may find useful?
Yes, please do!

Can I download a file or use any information I obtain here and sell, post elsewhere, etc?
No. Some of the files are copyrighted and made available with limited rights. Some files contain copyrighted and/or trademarked images. The specific creators and/or owners of the specific content retain all rights. If you are unsure of using or reproducing a file, ask!

Are there training materials available?
Yes, training level local leaders (Chairman, Captain, Chief Ranger, etc.) have access to training materials available on this site. If you are a training level leader and have not been given access, send "Jim" a PM.

Some members have a CSB Shield below their name, can I have one?
The CSB shield within the forum is being used to signify staff members, employees or staff associates of CSB Ministries. If you are a staff member and you do not have a shield badge, contact Jim.

Do I gain more access the more I participate?
Other than "rank" titles (these are in the process of being changed) participation at this time does not grant you additional access. Training level leaders have access to training materials and CSB staff has access to a staff area. If you fall into either of these categories and have not been given access, contact Jim.

Why is it so hard to register?
It's not that difficult! All we need are your name and a functioning email address. Once you register you will be emailed (immediately) a link to click to complete the process. The two step process is to secure the site from "Bots" that prowl the net collecting information, posting links and otherwise disrupting or destroying websites.

Who are you?
I've been part of the CSB Leadership Team with CSB #2047 in Western New York State and a past leader at CSB #1217 (now inactive), St. Paul's House, a mission in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. I've been on the Regional Committee for the Eastern Great Lakes District of CSB, as well as a former board member and summer camp committee member of Camp Hickory Hill . Also, I've been a Staff Associate of CSB Ministries since 1985.

I have some ideas, feedback, questions, etc.
Contact Jim