Issue 8

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where are they now?

Recently, in a leader meeting for my CSB Unit in reference to our boys - I asked a question that is asked at every leader meeting - "where are they now?"

The answers I received, "on their way to Stockade", "at home", "I'll check Facebook on my cell".

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Texting, Linkedin, Bebo, Yuku, Tagged, seven ways to keep in contact or reconnect with people that didn't exist 10 years ago.

It's a bizarre world out there.

If you look at MySpace you are greeted by some of the most annoying webpages ever created. Twitter, short messages using 160 or fewer characters written in text-speak to update you on what someone is doing this very minute. Messages like "i m bored" , 'havin sum food' are common. Facebook is currently the king of all the websites. It appears most people use this site for building virtual farms and join groups like "I hate joining groups".

Does anyone simply get together for a coke and hang out?

The interesting thing with these 7 site is they provide little actual information most people would be interested in. By visiting these sites you really don't know anything beyond the superficial information on an individual, yet, they are the places to hang out.

The context in which the question was asked was totally lost on my rookie young leaders. I wanted to know "Where are they now?" in a spiritual sense.

Do you know where the boys in your post are now - are they growing spiritually?

Have you/we presented the Gospel to them?

Do we have a relationship developed enough to know where they are spiritually? What they face in their lives? Are we mentoring them as we should?

The superficial familiarity we gain by social networking sites must never replace the need to build actual relationships with our guys.

We have the boys in our Brigade Units for a purpose and we really them for only a brief time. We want them to have fun, we want to teach them new things, build great memories and maybe have a pizza and a can of Yoo-Hoo with them. These are the investments we make so we can ask and answer the question - 'Where are they now?".

Do you know where your boys are at?

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