Issue 7

Friday, November 6, 2009

Where we've been!

and Where are we going? has expanded our online archive of materials from Christian Service Brigade.

You can now view the contents of all the earliest Trail Books!

Much of what Brigade is comes directly from these proven materials.

Besides printed materials there are now scanned filmstrips. Battalion Ho from the early to mid 1950's, To the Ends Of The Earth from the 1950's and others!

Many of these old materials are becoming difficult to find, fading with age or being thrown away. If you have any old Brigade Materials, books, filmstrips, film that you no longer want or are willing to lend for scanning - contact me at

Pray for the CSB Ministries Board

This weekend the CSB Ministries Board will be meeting at headquarters.

The decisions made by the board affect all of our local ministries. Let's keep the board in prayer.

Pray for -

  • The search for a new President
  • Decisions made that affect our local ministries
  • Finances
  • Being in God's will as we all minister under CSB.
  • Don's impending relocation and start of his new employment
  • CSB representatives
  • CSB office and regional staff
Join the Discussion on our future visit

We now have an Arcade! has an arcade with 100+ games for members to play!