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Stockade Uniforms 1950's - early 1980's
Original uniform was long sleeved and included cap, bolo tie, belt, trousers. uniform was made by the Roy Rogers company and was heavily influenced by the popular clothing for boys at the time. Sometime in the 60's the unform went to short sleeves, buttons instead of snaps, a slightly different color and design for trousers and uniform shirt.
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Battlion #1, 1942

Some sort of uniform. Looking for additional information.

Other photographs here

Top left: 1st Battalion Uniform version (blue shield used briefly)

Top right: Red Shield uniform

Bottom left: Stockader t-shirt. 1960's - 70's.

Top right: Red Shield uniform

Middle: Stockader/Battalion uniform used by CSB #1217, St. Pauls House, New York City.

Right: Stockader uniform variations. (See top of page)

CSB 1950's or 1960's

Wearing the Uniform

enlarged images here

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